RC Car Nitro Engine Keeps Blowing Glow Plugs

If your RC car keeps blowing glow plugs it can become a very expensive hobby.  Here are the most common causes of glow plugs prematurely burning out.

Nitro engine mixture running too lean

The most common cause of blowing glow plugs is usually down to the engine running too lean. The high temperature is probably burning your glow plugs out. I have seen a nitro car go through 3 or 4 glow plugs in one afternoon because the mixture was set way too lean. Richen the mixture out a bit – if you can’t see any smoke or very little then your engine is running too lean, which can also damage your engine.

Nitro engine mixture running too rich

Running your nitro engine too rich can also cause the glow plug to blow or foul up. If there is too much smoke coming out of the exhaust or unburnt fuel this is an indicator that your nitro engine is running too rich.

Wrong fuel, causing engine to run too hot

It is also possible that using the wrong fuel could cause your glow plugs to blow. Too high nitro percentage or not enough oil in the mix would cause your engine to run too hot.

Debris in the engine

Another common reason for glow plugs to keep blowing is debris in the engine. This could be dirt or aluminium worn from the engine. If you have tuned your rc nitro car perfectly and still keep blowing plugs, try flushing your engine through with fuel, remove the glow plug and turn the engine upside down to drain it all out.