How to remove worn tires from rc car rims

How do you remove worn out tires from RC car rims without leaving lots of rubber and glue behind?

There are a few easy ways to do this which should work for most types of rim. Be warned that some cheaper plastic rims may not be suitable for these methods.

Always get adult supervision when trying any of these methods.

Method 1 – Boiling water

Works better if you cut some of the tire away first, to allow the hot water to get to the glued bead.

Carefully place the wheels in a pan of boiling water on top of the oven. You’ll need to leave them fully submerged for at least 15 minutes.

This method makes the glue brittle, so when you pull at the tires, they come off easier without leaving too much rubber and glue behind.

Any rubber left behind should prise off with a small flat screwdriver, and the brittle glue should come off as well.

Be aware that some of the cheaper or old rims can warp or crack, so this method isn’t suited to every wheel. Warning! Let the water cool before handling the rims!

Method 2 – food steamer pan

This is the most effective method I have tried so far. Place the wheels in a vegetable steamer pan. The bottom pan should be filled with water, and heated to boiling point on the hob, the top pan with the rims placed inside. Place the lid on the top and steam the rims for about 30 mins.

As above with the boiling method, the tires should pull off the rims with a little bit of effort.

I have had a lot more success with this method over the boiling method, and you can even save the tires this way too if careful.

Method 3 – Acetone / CA Glue remover

Again, this method works better if you cut some of the tire away first, to allow the acetone to get to the glued bead.

acetone-bottleCA Glue remover or Acetone will dissolve CA glue although this can take some time.

Submerge the rims in a closed container full of CA Glue remover/acetone. For best results, leave them in the container for 3 days and the tires should come off easily.

glueoff-glue-remover1Always take care when working with chemicals as they can be harmful if in contact with the skin and are also flammable.

Do this in the garage or shed, not indoors!

Method 4 – Bake RC rims in an oven

Sounds crazy, but you can bake rims in an oven at a medium heat for half hour  and the tires should come off easily.

As with the boiling method, the heat breaks down the glue and makes it brittle, so with a little bit of effort, the tires come off.

This works with most typical buggy racing rims, but some cheaper plastic rims may be damaged, so try this at your own risk.

Also, be warned – the oven and your kitchen might smell of rubber a while after doing this.

Whatever method you use, always take care with boiling water, ovens and acetone.